Private Clients

Every licensed real estate agent must handle many of the same basic tasks required of buying and selling an average home. Yet, for a select few, their home is anything but “Average”, and its takes a special individual who possesses the entrepreneurial experience, negotiating skills, personal lifestyle, and network of connections necessary to not only compete, but to excel in the rarified world of luxury real estate. As your Private Client Advisor I bring a wealth of entrepreneurial and personal experiences needed to meet your discerning requirements.

Generally speaking, as your Private Client Advisor, I will have personal oversight and control of your entire real estate transaction. I will work in partnership with you to bring about the best value possible to either the sale or purchase of your new home. I understand the importance you place on your limited time; as such I will handle the multitude of details in a professional and efficient manner resulting in a seamless transfer from one home to the next with minimal impact to your time constraints and family.

More to the point, as your Private Client Advisor, I will handle the following:

  1. Prepare a specific luxury oriented marketing plan designed to promote your home to the widest range of “real buyers” relative to your demographic. If appropriate, this will include local, national, and international exposure.
  2. As your Private Client Advisor, I will personally handle all negotiations for either the purchase or sale of your property.
  3. I will help facilitate the many details surrounding your transition from one home to the next; ie: movers, landscapers, utilities, etc.
  4. I can make further specific lifestyle recommendations to help you settle into your community such as:
    • Interior designers
    • Remodel and new build services
    • Home theater and electronics specialists
    • Personal chefs
    • Event planners, etc.

I addition to the above services, I also bring a wealth of knowledge benefiting your personal lifestyle needs. Below are just a few of the many needs my unique Concierge Services can provide:

  • Access to virtually any event throughout the world.
  • Connections to a vast array of charitable events and the causes they support.
  • Introductions to many of the local celebrity chefs for your personal entertaining needs.
  • Personal introduction and private meeting with a pre-eminent international jeweler.
  • Introductions to private banking services.
  • Introductions to skilled public relations specialists.
  • Securing vacation home properties through the world.
  • Private plane, boat, and car arrangements for both personal and business needs.
  • The list can be almost endless.

Finally, and most important, I respect the value you place on privacy and confidentiality. You’ve sacrificed and worked hard to achieve your place in the world; and the limited private time you have is of great importance. In many cases your real estate transaction can be arranged to secure your anonymity. As your Private Client Advisor I will be unwavering in protecting and respecting that confidentiality.